BPA Number VA798-13-A-0001


Monterey provides all personnel, management, supervision, transportation, equipment, materials and other non-personal services to conduct IPT Facilitation and Acquisition Support Services for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU).  The Performance Work Statement (PWS) describes two major functional work areas that establish the scope of this contract.

The two functional areas are:

Functional Area 1 – IPT Facilitation Services; and
Functional Area 2 – Acquisition Support Services.

Contract Type

OSDBU issued a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) award under this requirement utilizing Monterey’s Consolidated GSA Federal Supply Schedule (GS-00F-0002Y), pursuant to the Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) Special Item Numbers (SINs)-874-2, 874-6, and 874-7.  OSDBU establishes specific contract requirements using individual BPA call awards that are based on a firm-fixed-price basis using fixed-priced labor rates.

Contact Info

Monterey Consultants, Inc.
5335 Far Hills Ave, Ste 311
Dayton, OH 45429-2317

Corporate Office: 937-436-4536
Corporate Fax : 937-436-5821

Program Manager: Matt Sinning




We have been awarded the following Calls on this BPA:

Call #0033

Procurement Review Program (PRP): Monterey provides management support to the Field Operations Team (FOT) to the Director and Deputy Director in the coordination of FOT activities. This includes: Program Management Support, PRP Management Support, PRP Process Support, Small Business Goals Modeling, Project Management Process Re-Engineering Trial Support, and PRP Business Process Re-Engineering Trial Support Trial Support.

Call #0034

Veterans Health Affairs (VHA) Office of Informatics & Information Governance (OIIG) Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) program office issued this BPA Call due to its need for establishing Integrated Product Teams (IPT) to develop required acquisition document packages.

  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Content and HL7-compliant Knowledge Artifacts
  • Informatics Support Services (ISS).

In both cases IPT Support includes:

  • IPT Facilitation support services
  • Change Management
  • Other IPT related functions: Provide support consisting of routine and organizational tasks in support of the IPT actions under this BPA
  • Acquisition support services
  • Acquisition strategy support
  • Requirements documentation support
  • Statements of Work/Specifications/Requirements Documents
  • Cost estimates
  • Market Research/Surveys
  • Solicitations assistance

Call #0035

Program Support Team; Market Research (PST): Monterey provides PST support on the following tasks for this BPA Call:

Task Area: Integrated Product Team (IPT) Facilitation Support Services/Program Management/Project Management Support Services.

  • Task 1: Market Research Business Process Mapping and Redesign, Program Management and Task Oversight, Market Surveillance, and Time and Level of Effort Studies.
  • Market Research Business Process Mapping and Redesign, Program Management and Task Oversight, Market Surveillance, and Time and Level of Effort Studies
  • Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) Facilitation and Acquisition Support Services
  • Task 2: Accomplish Strategic Industry Research, Tactical Market Research and Artifact Development for IPT or program requirements.
  • OSDBU Facilitation and Acquisition Support Services
  • Subject Matter Expertise – Market Research/ARRT
  • Market Research – analyst/administrative, etc.
  • Task 3: Provide Three Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Workshops and Associated Technical Assistance.
    • ARRT Workshops to train program staff in the development of acquisition related artifacts, assess progress, and provide advice and technical assistance for defining mission specific task deliverables
    • Provide requirements definition training for program managers.
  • Task 4: Provide For (4) Automated Requests For Information (RFI), Sources Sought to assist program offices
  • Provide for data capture and retention
  • Provide knowledge transfer to enable OSDBU staff to perform future automated RFIs
  • Provide analyses and Industry Day Planning Recommendations

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