DoS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

BPA Number 19AQMM19A0279


The scope of the BPA is broad, including seven SINS on the GSA Professional Services Schedule, and can be used across all the DOS Bureaus operating both domestically and overseas.
Services accessible under the BPA including:
  • Integrated Consulting Services
  • Acquisition Management Support
  • Integrated Business Program Support Services
  • Supply and Value Chain Management
  • Budgeting
  • Program Management Services
  • Information Technology Professional Services
Monterey was awarded a 5-year Department of State Blanket Purchase Agreement as part of a Contractor Teaming Agreement to provide Department-wide program management support services to meet the needs of DOS Bureaus operating both domestically and overseas.
This BPA will allow Monterey to help the State Department to meet the following objectives:
  • Provide Project Management, Program Management, and Program  Management Office services and personnel for program support to maximize an organization’s ability to  perform its mission at a lower total cost and meet budget, schedule, and quality goals.
  • Provide support that evaluates, develops, implements, and manages  program risks to ensure the organization’s investments are well thought out, cost-effective, and that these  investments support the mission and business goals of the organization
  • Provide a wide-spectrum of project management support in  standardization, training, and development based on best practices to achieve the organization’s strategic  goals and enable the organization to apply lessons learned throughout the project life-cycle.
  • Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) is defined broadly as a  second set of eyes for the Contracting Officer, Contracting Officer’s Representative, and Program Manager,  providing senior program management insight. The primary goal of these services is to reduce overall program or contract risk, and work  with, not against, the existing program management team to achieve program goals and make the contract a success.
Contracting Officer Contact Information:
Name: Robert Lindquist
Phone: (954) 630-1283

Contact Info

Monterey Consultants, Inc.
5335 Far Hills Ave, Ste 311
Dayton, OH 45429-2317

Corporate Office: 937-436-4536
Corporate Fax : 937-436-5821

Program Manager: John Gerardo

This BPA allows for a full range of services including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Financial Management
  • Program Management
  • Workforce Planning
  • Cost Reduction & Business Case Development
  • Support of Critical Acquisitions
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Metrics Definition & Performance Measurement
  • Complex IT support

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