A Leidos Company (Subcontract)

About QTC Management

Monterey provides support to QTC for Medical Examination Services of veterans leaving military service. Monterey’s support includes analysis, outreach, recruiting and compliance. In addition, Monterey provides credentialing of doctors and handles compensation activities to doctors performing the examinations.

Monterey provides staff to download medical records from the client’s electronic system and save them into QTC’s system in support of Medical Examination Services.

Monterey also serves in an advisory and consulting role (in support of QTCs federal contract efforts to help increase the participation of small businesses with QTC. Monterey assisting QTC with the establishment of a Small Business Liaison Office (SBLO).

Contract Type:

Firm Fixed Price (Medical Examinations); FFP Level of Effort (Records Downloading)

Program Manager:

Andrew Minnich

Phone: 937-818-5012

Email: andrew.minnich@mcix.com