We are excited to announce our Grand Opening of our Monterey Medical Clinic. Currently the main purpose of our clinic is to provide General-Medical Compensation and Pension (C&P) exams to Veterans in the Dayton, Ohio region, in coordination with QTC and the VA. These exams are to evaluate the Veteran conditions for disability compensation.

With this expansion we were able to contract with Dr. Michael Puthoff who comes to us with an extensive medical background, including work at the Dayton VA, and is also a Veteran himself serving in the Navy and United States Air Force. In addition, we hired Shelia Turner as our medical receptionist. Shelia has 10 years’ experience in the United States Air Force and a professional background with medical office experience.

We look forward to this new venture and being able to directly serve those who have served. To learn more about Monterey Consultants and our provider network, please visit mcix.com