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Monterey Consultants, Inc. is a certified Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise (VBE). We currently support states under the following UNSPS codes:

Ohio UNSPS Codes

80000000 Management, Business Professional Services 80100000 Management Advisory Services
80101500 Business, Corporate Management Consulting 80101600 Project Management
80141500 Market Research

North Carolina UNSPS Codes

Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services (Code 80)

  •  Business administration services (Code 8016)                               
  •  Management advisory services (Code 8010)     
  •  Marketing and distribution (Code 8014)                                                                           

Healthcare Services (Code 85)

  •   Comprehensive health services (Code 8510)                               
  •   Diagnoses of mental and behavioral disorders (Code 8010)     
  •   Medical practice (Code 8512)
  •   The diagnosis of factors influencing health status and contact with health services (Code 8545)

Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services      (Code 81)

  •  Business administration services (Code 8111)                                
  •  Management advisory services (Code 8116)     
  •  Marketing and distribution (Code 8113)




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